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i-air Pro Air Purifier

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Your well-being is in the air.

Stand-alone unit delivering MERV 19 class air. Improve indoor air quality with i-air PRO.

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. In the buildings that we work and cook, clean, shower and sleep, the air quality is 5 to 10 times worse than outdoors. We get exposed to hundreds of different contaminants daily! And that influences our health, well-being and productivity. To improve our living conditions and health, we need to breathe clean and healthy air.

That’s why i-team designed the i-air PRO: a high capacity air healer that improves indoor air quality in medium to large spaces of up to 500m2. The i-air PRO is the only stand-alone unit on the market that delivers MERV19 classair to medium to largespaces in all segments. Use it in sports venues, office spaces, hospitals and clinics, education facilities or hotels and restaurants.

Spending time indoors exposes us to hundreds of contaminants. Invisible contaminations are a threat.

Particulate matter (PM) - 99% is invisible to the naked eye. Commonly known as PM2.5 or PM10, it is a complex mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air. Particles smaller than 10 microns are especially hazardous. General sources of PM pollutants are heavy industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust fumes and everyday products and materials.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - A very complex group of gaseous contaminants emitted from solids and liquids. General sources of VOCs are a wide range of regularly used products such as; paints, cleaning detergents, building materials, cosmetic products, pesticides, and many, many more.

Microbiological contamination - These are mainly bacteria, viruses, moulds, but also from animal dander and saliva. Sources are numerous such as; waste containers, pets,HVAC systems, kitchens and hazardous microbes in hospitals.

Improving air quality in medium to large spaces with high air volume output. High air volume output delivers clean air to large spaces, much faster than any competitive product.

Cleaner air

All indoor air contamination has a highly negative impact on our health with many short and long-term effects. Different contaminants can impact our bodies in different ways. Headaches, increased risk of heart attacks, asthma, liver disfunctions or eye and skin irritations. The FS-ACT technology in i-air PRO is the only technology which targets all three kinds of air contaminants. We deliver purified air based on a unique combination of filter technology and a neutralizing chamber.

Low power consumption

The i-air PRO improves indoor air quality by filtering out the solid contaminants, breaking down all VOC’s and neutralising allliving harmful microbes.Low power consumption and use of long lifespan filters, reduces waste. The i-air significantly reduces airborne VOC’s and other contaminants.

Unbeatable MERV 19 protection

The unbeatable MERV19 level protects building occupants from exposure to all dangerous types of contaminants. MERV is a measure used to describe the efficiency with which particulate filters remove particles of a specified size from an air stream. The higher the MERV designation, the better the efficiency of removal, particularly for smaller particles. MERV 19 has a 99.99999% efficiency on .3 micron particulate.