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Benefits of Contract Hire

  1. Ability to return equipment at the end of the contract
  2. This is a beneficial factor for many companies for allot of reasons, for example if you are a contract cleaner and the contract for cleaning a site is up when your hire is up then you simply have no more need for the machine. If you would need a new machine for a new site start up, you also do not have the worry of selling the machine at the end of the hire if you owned it which can be difficult in certain industries. Lastly storing the machine while it is out of use can also be expensive if you have no where for it.

  3. All servicing and repairs covered (Excluding misuse)
  4. This is possibly one of the biggest benefits of contract hiring a cleaning machine, if you chose other options such as purchase or lease you would possibly have to look at taking out a service plan for your cleaning machine which adds extra cost to total monthly price. There is no doubt that you will need your cleaning machine serviced or repaired from time to time especially if the machine is in full operation every day. So, if having your machine in full operation 24hrs is important to you having a built-in service plan to your monthly hire price is peace of mind, your emergency call outs are also a priority and are looked at on a next day service.

  5. Free training for all cleaning staff
  6. This benefit ties in nicely with the inclusive service and repairs, as stated the repairs do not cover the cost of misuse or abuse of the machine. To avoid this happening during your hire we provide free training on your equipment for all cleaning staff that you would like to attend and supply videos and training documents that they can refer back to, this should with good management avoid call outs for misuse for example overuse of chemical in a machine causing a faulty vacuum motor, this type of issue can be completely avoided during training.

  7. Conservation of cash flow (Very important at the moment)
  8. Every industry is seeing the effects of the global pandemic therefore it is very important to manage your cash flow, this style of purchasing gives you peace of mind and consistency for your business.

  9. Able to get machines that may have been out of budget with outright purchase
  10. Purchasing innovative cleaning equipment outright can be rather costly especially if you are looking for new equipment which is eco-friendly or innovative. Contract hire allows you access this type of impressive equipment which can help win business such as

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